Organization Overview

Utah Housing Corporation, was created as a public corporation by State legislation in 1975 to raise funds to assist in the creation of affordable housing opportunities for lower-income Utah households. Principally, UHC provides mortgage money to qualifying first time homebuyers as well as resources to developers building or renovating affordable apartment projects. In addition, UHC assumes several roles ranging from lender to developer in creating solutions for difficult housing problems.

UHC does not receive any funding from the State of Utah. It is totally self-supporting and each year raises hundreds of millions of dollars to fund its first time homebuyer mortgage and multifamily programs, and other programs. UHC forms partnerships with private sector banking and lending institutions, developers, real estate agents and others to bring the maximum amount of expertise together in administering these extremely complex and sophisticated programs.

UHC is committed to developing and strengthening all of its programs so it can be most responsive to those seeking affordable housing opportunities and, at the same time, being fiscally vigilant and responsible to continue to be one of the most successful state housing finance agencies in the nation.