Programs & Resources

UHC utilizes a wide array of financing resources in its programs including tax-exempt and taxable bonds, federal and state income tax shelters, conventional lending, federal and state grants, low-interest loans, and other forms of debt and equity.

Information regarding the major Programs offered by the Corporation:

Loan Programs:

UHC Loan Programs offer mortgage loans to qualified first time homebuyers and homebuyers who have previously owned a home. UHC provides down payment and closing cost assistance helping homebuyers without the required funds to purchase a home. You will work directly through any one of the Participating Lenders in your area to complete the paperwork on your mortgage loan. If you have any questions about these programs please contact us.

Multifamily Developers:

The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit and the Multifamily Bonding programs are the most utilized resources in the development of affordable rental projects in Utah. If you have any questions about these programs please contact us.

Special Housing Programs

UHC's Housing Development department offers innovative, affordable housing programs that provide more than just a home for lower income Utahns. These programs use creative resources to help various household income levels. Click here for more information.

Tenants Seeking Rent Assistance:

IMPORTANT: UHC does NOT provide renters with any form of rental assistance. Renters looking for rental assistance must contact one of the City or County Housing Authorities.